Josie started her jewellery journey when she applied for a local silversmithing course. This course lasted a year and allowed her to learn the basics of soldering, annealing, designing and creating silver jewellery. Soon after, she started working with Tom McEwan, who is a well known international jeweller. Tom has over 30 years of experience in silversmithing and has been published in Vogue, who named him 'Lord of the Rings'. Tom taught her various techniques and tricks of the trade.

Within a year she has become a regular trader at the Bath Artisan market, built her own online shop and gained hundreds of followers on social media sites. She now works from home in her own workshop, where she creates beautiful jewellery day-in, day-out. She specialises in bespoke, handmade jewellery using ethically sourced materials where possible, including stones, silver and packaging.

‘I am inspired by every stone I set eyes on. Each stone is completely unique and when I create a new item of jewellery, I use the stone as inspiration. I massively believe in individuality and I strive to make every item of jewellery entirely unique and different to anything else.

Creating jewellery is a huge passion of mine and I feel privileged to be able to work with such stunning stones and metals on a daily basis. I have always craved a creative lifestyle and a job that satisfies my creative need.

I am hugely inspired by nature's intense colours and entrancing curves and this is something that I strive to portray through my designs as a creative jewellery designer. The idea that a single item of jewellery can last longer than a lifetime and most often than not, will be passed down to future generations enthrals me and drives me to make my jewellery as timeless and individual as possible.’

Josie can be found in her workshop in Bournemouth Monday-Thursday. Please contact her to book an appointment or arrange a time to pop-by.


These items are advertised and for sale elsewhere, if for any reason you purchase an item online that has already been sold, then you will receive a full and immediate refund.

All of my jewellery is made with recycled silver, there is no reason anyone should suffer from allergies or irritation caused by inferior metal.